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    V85 Tyre Baler.

    The V85 helps reduce storage requirements by up to 80% and transport up to 60%, while compacting bales for use in construction, landfill and even fuel projects in many countries worldwide.

    Specially designed for high outputs and maximum compaction, the V85 tyre baler can produce 4–6 PAS180 bales per hour, which means processing 400–500 standard car or light commercial tyres per hour.


    300-litre oil tank cools the machine for continuous use

    Dual bale size selectable with a flick of the switch

    20% greater bale weight than competitors, packing 14,000 kg into 40 feet

    15-kilowatt power pack for speed and longstroke cylinders for optimal compaction

    Large filling chamber for easy loading, rear bale discharge

    Double row of high-tensile retention fingers

    Who would use this equipment?

    • Tyre recyclers
    • Waste management companies
    • Car dismantlers
    • Tyre depots

    General waste fact

    On average, each person in the UK throws away their own body weight in rubbish every seven weeks.

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