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    Waste Recycling Equipment

    WMR Waste Solutions / Waste Recycling Equipment

    Food Waste Digesters

    LFC Food Waste Digester

    The LFC is a fully enclosed automatic food digesting machine that disposes of food matter within 24 hours.

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    lfc case study

    LFC Case Study

    London’s CHIK’N Offers “Guilt free” Fast Food with Sustainable Food Sourcing and Waste Disposal.

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    Waste Balers, Wheelie Bin Compactors & Glass Crushers

    V5HD Can and Bottle Baler

    Quick, efficient and easy-to-use, the V5HD neatly bales aluminium cans and PET bottles for easy recycling.

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    V8 Mid-Size Baler

    For medium volume users who process a range of materials, including bulky items and a variety of box sizes.

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    V50 Mill-Size Baler

    Efficiently compacting cardboard, plastic, textile, paper, polystyrene and aluminium waste day in and day out

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    V85 Tyre Baler

    Reduces storage requirements while compacting bales for use in construction, landfill.

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    VF50 Agricultural Waste Baler

    The tractor-mounted version of our mill-size baler, offering an economical solution to baling agricultural waste.

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    BP1100 Bin Packer

    Safe and efficient, the BP1100 reduces the size of large, bulky rubbish by up to 75%.

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    G5 Glass Crusher

    Designed to crush glass bottles up to 2 litres in size, reducing collection costs by up to 60%.

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