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    Government Agencies Worldwide Back The LFC Food Waste Digester To Solve Waste Food Problems

    Government-managed kitchens and canteens set the right example by diverting waste food from landfills to reduce carbon emissions.

    Power Knot, the market leader in products that process waste food in commercial foodservice operations, is gaining worldwide popularity with government agencies and branches of the armed services. From official administration residences to military bases and correctional facilities, Power Knot biodigesters and bin tippers are being installed in record numbers as governments implement stringent measures to reduce the pollution and carbon emissions of state-run foodservice operations.

    “As governments and their agencies develop measures to support the UN Sustainable Development Goal and the Paris Agreement, sustainability managers at government-run facilities are responding by looking for ways to divert waste food from landfills or composting facilities,” said Iain Milnes, president of Power Knot. “By installing a biodigester in a high-volume kitchen or canteen, a government agency can both reduce carbon emissions and eliminate the costs of transporting waste food to a landfill.”

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    WMR Waste Solutions has teamed up with Power Knot to become the only approved UK supplier of the LFC Food Waste Digester. What will the LFC Food Waste Digester do for your business? CLICK HERE to find out!

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