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What will the LFC Food Waste Digester do for your business?

The LFC Food Waste Digester is a fully enclosed automatic food digesting machine that disposes of most food matter within 24 hours. Compare the benefits of the LFC Food Waste Digester with other food waste digesters and see how it can help your business!

LFC Food Digester Range

Decomposes most food within 24 hours

Discharge water can safely enter the sewerage system

Colour touch screen with cloud based server

Weighs waste continually, reporting to you whenever required

Air tight/odourless operation

Reports CO2 diverted from landfill

Eliminates food waste collections

Complies with all EU safety standards

RoHS Compliant for EU

Offers range of sizes to suit all commercial volumes

Other Food Digesters

Not always. Please check the data sheet

Not always. Some so called “food digesters” leave residue materials that still needs to be disposed of at landfill or composting plant

We believe that No other machines incorporate this technology

We believe that No other machines incorporate this facility

Not always. Please ask the supplier!

We do not know of any other digester that provides this information

Many so called food digesters leave a wet composting residue and this needs to be disposed of at landfill or to a composting plant

No. Some machines on the market do not comply with UK/EU safety standards so please check before considering installation

As above. Please ensure you check this with the distributer

Many digesters come in only one size

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